Wednesday, July 04, 2018


In July and August, Casa Tamarindo will deepen its research in photoetching, electroetching, and in the experimental techniques of etching such as marbled, transparencies in metal among others.

 We will also study Mokulito and Woodcutting, exploring the most diverse forms of printing, providing a reflection and debate on the role of engraving in the History of Art and its importance and impact on Contemporary Art. 

Often questioned as a technique of reproduction, engraving was for many years viewed as a second-rate technique because it did not exhibit the sacredness of painting and sculpture. Nowadays where technical possibilities are numerous, the art of engraving has acquired a new level of importance and discussing its relevance has become necessary and fundamental.

In addition to the possibility of a creative immersion, the artist, while attending the Casa Tamarindo space, will be able to propose individual and collective exhibition projects, with a space for exhibitions. Casa Tamarindo is also a Cultural Center, home of various artistic events such as music events, gastronomy and art fairs. 

The artist, therefore, has the possibility to contribute to the creation of the cultural scene of São Paulo and also to interact with other artists of other languages. 

Here at Casa Tamarindo you are constantly challenged to develop new perspectives in the development of the works. Have a continuous time of work, reflection and interaction in an effervescent and challenging city like Sao Paulo.

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